Selasa, 27 September 2016

Unforgettable Momment

Yooo.. Welcome back to my blog. In this post I will tell you about my unforgettable momment. 
Holiday 5th semester, I went to Yogyakarta. At that momment, my father was still worked and stay there. You know what, going vacation with our self is more fun than a vacation with a group because you can being time-bound so we become not free. I went to Yogya by train, alone. yes, ALONE!! (This is my first time go to the far place alone;33). I arrived there about 4 p.m. Day 2 in Yogya my father and I visited Indrayanti Beach. Our journey is relatively far away. We was riding a motorcycle to go there. This trip need about 2 hours. I arrived there about 2 p.m. Because is a holiday week, the beach was so crowd, but not decrease my enthusiasm to play at the beach. Indrayanti has two different place that separation by big coral reef. The sand was white so the water seems so pure. 

During at the beach, our gadgets were stored in a plastic bag and saved in a small bag that brought my father. I felt bored playing wave alone, so I asked my father to join with me. The waves large enough cause my small bag wet!!!. Initially we were not worried and continue playing with sand and water. when we want to use our gadget,my father's gadget was died !! My father panicked. after that, we took a shower and hurried home. at home, my father's gadget was still not function, while my gadget was striped line. I panicked. My gadget was dead the next day. The next day, we took our gadgets to a service center. The repair cost was more expensive than if we buy a new gadget: "")) This event became a lesson for next time we must don't bring gadgets to the beach unless stored to our family.

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