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Dewa Athena IX

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog, in this post I will tell you about my first (and last :”<) time Dewa Athena. May be you were wonder “What is Dewa Athena?” Dewa Athena is the acronym of “olimpiaDE sisWA, Ajang tunjuk kebolehan, eksisTEnsi, dan kebersamaAN siswa” or in English “Arena to show Ability, Existence, and Student’s Togetherness Olympiad”
Sports that were contested at Dewa Athena are soccer, tarik tambang (pull the rope) , gobak sodor, dodgeball, badminton, basketball, volleyball, and relay race.

gobak sodor

First day (Saturday, 25th March 2017)
The following are list of my class’s result on the first day of Dewa Athena
Boys  soccer, vs 10-10 WIN
Girls soccer, vs 10-6 LOSE
In the first round I was a back, and in the second round I was a goalkeeper. Although my class was lose in this game, I really enjoyed the game :D
Tarik tambang, vs 10-2 WIN
My friend called our class strategy in this game “Tembok Besar China” because Kenny act as resistor.

"Tembok Besar China" formation. 
Gobak sodor, vs 10-4 LOSE
In this game, there are two team, defence and offence. Defence team should keep offence team can’t pass the line. Offence team should try to pass the line without getting touch with defence team. When i was in offence team, i try to pass the line, but unfortunately i fall to the groud:(
Boys badminton , vs 10-8 WIN, vs 10-5 WIN
Ernest and Ziyad were playing in this game.
Basketball vs 10-6 LOSE
Relay race vs 10-9 WIN
In my opinion, victory of this game depend on the first runner. Have a good luck, my class’s first runner (Dio) was so fast XD

Second day (Saturday, 1st April 2017)
The following are list of my class’s result on the second day of Dewa Athena
Boys  soccer, vs 10-3 WIN, vs 10-6 LOSE
Tarik tambang, vs 10-4 LOSE
My class can’t use the “Tembok Besar Cina” strategy again:( It was because Kenny can’t participate in this game because he must attend his religion class.
Boys badminton vs 10-2 LOSE
Relay race vs 10-7 LOSE
The first runner, Dio, also must attend his religion class.
Boys dodgeball vs 10-9 LOSE
Girls dodgeball, vs 10-10 WIN, vs 10-social LOSE
I really enjoyed this game XD but…. I got an injury when I was avoid from the ball. So I can’t play as good as the first game (against 10-10).
Girls badminton, vs 10-social WIN, vs 10-9 WIN

This game is the only game that my class have a chance to win it. 

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