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Book Review : Animal Farm

Title                                     : Animal Farm
Author                                 : George Orwell
Original Language                : English
Translator                             : Bakdi Soemanto
Publisher                              : Bentang Pustaka (Indonesian ver.)
Publication Year                   : 17 August 1945  / 2016 (Indonesian ver.)

Old Major, the old boar on the Manor Farm, summons the animals on the farm together for a meeting, during which he refers to humans as "enemies" and teaches the animals a revolutionary song called "Beasts of England". When Major dies, two young pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, assume command and consider it a duty to prepare for the Rebellion. The animals revolt and drive the drunken and irresponsible farmer Mr. Jones from the farm, renaming it "Animal Farm". They adopt the Seven Commandments of Animalism, the most important of which is, "All animals are equal.”
Napoleon and Snowball vie for pre-eminence. When Snowball announces his plans to modernize the farm by building a windmill, Napoleon has his dogs chase Snowball away and declares himself leader.
Napoleon enacts changes to the governance structure of the farm, replacing meetings with a committee of pigs who will run the farm. Once Snowball becomes a scapegoat, Napoleon begins to purge the farm with his dogs, killing animals he accuses of consorting with his old rival.
Mr Frederick, one of the neighbouring farmers, attacks the farm, using blasting powder to blow up the restored windmill. Though the animals win the battle, they do so at great cost, as many, including Boxer the workhorse, are wounded.
Years pass, and the windmill is rebuilt along with construction of another windmill, which makes the farm a good amount of income. The pigs start to resemble humans, as they walk upright, carry whips, and wear clothes. The Seven Commandments are abridged to a single phrase: "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others". Napoleon holds a dinner party for the pigs and local farmers, with whom he celebrates a new alliance. He abolishes the practice of the revolutionary traditions and restores the name "The Manor Farm". As the animals look from pigs to humans, they realise they can no longer distinguish between the two.

My Review
This book is one of the books by Orwell that attracts lot of readers' interest.
This fable type novel tells of a group of animals on a Manor Farm that feel that they were exploited by humans. Led by two pigs, they managed to rebellion by attacking the rancher. The animals on the farm are now living independently. Initially, farm activities were going well, but then two pigs that became the leaders when the rebellion began to fight for power and get rid of each other. Eventually the farm atmosphere was the same as when there was a human --even worse-- under a pig's dictatorship.
This novel is a political or political allegory novel based on the Russian revolution of 1917. The language used by the author on this novel is understandable, although there are some words that are unfamiliar to me in Indonesian version. The storyline feels flowing from chapter to chapter. "Animal Farm" has only 109 pages, so it doesn't take long time to finish it. The implicit message of this novel is that this revolution will ultimately be the same, as it was before the revolution (pigs who become cruel --even more cruel-- after the revolution as cruelly as humans before the revolution).
I recommend this book for you who likes politic, sarcasm, or even history to read this book.

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